Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Garcinia cambogia and its incredible effects on weight loss is the new craze right now, it seems like everywhere you look you’re hearing something about the amazing fruit and how it’s changing lives. Well one thing you might not have heard about is the Pure garcinia cambogia side effects.

The benefits of Garcinia Cambogia come from its active ingredient HCA (short for hydroxycitric acid). The first (and in my mind biggest) benefit of the supplement is that it acts as an appetite suppressant. If you don’t overeat, you don’t gain weight, simple as that. The way HCA does this is by increasing the level of a brain chemical called serotonin. High serotonin levels cause us not to feel hungry.

To get the best out of this amazing plant You want to look for a supplement that is Pure garcinia cambogia. Pure garcinia should contain no fillers or binders. Pure garcinia cambogia should not be paired with any other weight loss supplement by the manufacturer. This will take away from the effectiveness of Garcinia cambogia. You also want to look for an HCA content of at least 60% or higher.

When you take garcinia cambogia, you might get:
Fain rash
• Dizziness
• Dry mouth
• Headache
• Upset stomach or diarrhea

The Dizziness and headaches occur in the first few days because your body is experiencing such a major shift headaches are a common reaction to change. you could get a headache from changes in weather for example. It could easily be mistaken for one caused by HCA. The felling of fullness can cause the headaches as well cause because you are given your body less food than it used to.

Faint rash hasn’t been reported by those who use legitimate brands. There are always certain brands of products that, due to their poor quality, shed a negative light on the effectiveness of that product as a whole. The same applies for Garcinia Cambogia supplements!

Hydoxycitric Acid found in garcinia cambogia which is very similar to citric acid found in other fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges. And as with any kind of fruit (yes Garcinia Cambogia is made from a fruit) it can work as a mild laxative and promotes bowel movements. But any complaints of Garcinia Cambogia causing diarrhea is extreme, when it fact the diarrhea was likely caused by something aside from the Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia cambogia may interact badly with:
• Asthma and allergy medicines such as Accolate and Singulair
• Diabetes medicines, including pills and insulin
• Iron, for anemia
• Pain medicines
• Prescriptions for psychiatric conditions
• Statins, drugs that lower cholesterol
• Warfarin, a blood thinner

A typical dose of garcinia is 300 to 500 mg taken three times a day with water half an hour before meals. lists 1,500 mg a day as the maximum dose. Adverse reactions to garcinia are usually mild and include dizziness, dry mouth, headache, nausea and diarrhea. Garcinia can interact with prescription medications. Consult your doctor before taking garcinia. Don’t take garcinia if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have diabetes.

For the most part, there are no real Garcinia Cambogia dangers that most people would have to worry about. Garcinia Cambogia is considered safe with very low complaints of side effects compared to some of the other weight loss supplements out there.

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